Vernis semi-permanent 10ml Koroleva 001


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Three-phase semi-permanent varnish

Very pigmented.

Volume 10 ml, 120 colors to choose from.


nail preparation:


push back the cuticles,

with a file 180 or 220 grains remove the nail polish

dust off with a brush,


apply preparations for nails or desiccants

apply a non-acidic primer

apply a suitable base (opium base or super flex), catalyze 1 minute.

apply a thin layer of Koroleva semi-permanent varnish and cure for 30 seconds.

apply the second layer of Koroleva semi-permanent varnish then catalyze 1 minute.

Apply a suitable topcoat (soft Opium or Brilliant finish), then catalyze 2 minutes.

Apply oil on the cuticles.